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    I have a question regarding using Datamap plugin. Does the precision of datamap depend on the no. of elements throughout the depth/thicnkess of a tissue? For example, I have 4 elements in one model and 8 elements in another model, what will be the differences for varying properties using datamap? Thank you.


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    Hi Shamimur,

    By default, the datamap plugin evaluates the distance relative to the two surfaces at the location of the mesh nodes. So, if you have more elements, then the data map is sampled more finely. In that sense, I guess you could say that the accuracy depends on the number of elements. But, unless you have a rapidly changing function in your datamap, I suspect that the effect will not be very dramatic. Of course, this is highly problem dependent, but I suspect that the effect of element size will be bigger on the accuracy of stress, contact, and other mesh-dependent aspects of your FE model. Are you having any problems with the plugin or finding unexpected results? Also, in FEBio3, this plugin is integrated in FEBio so you no longer need the plugin. I also made some improvements to the projection algorithm so that it produces smoother maps for parts that curve strongly. If you are not using FEBio3 yet, I strongly encourage you to take a look.


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    Hi Steve,

    I am using FEBio3 right now. I khonw how to use this plugin in FEBio3 (In the text file). I was wondering if there is any direct option in FEBio studio where I can generate depth dependent property (For example curve editor for depth dependent property) ?


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