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Thread: Equilibrium in quai-static simulations

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    Default Equilibrium in quai-static simulations


    I have a quasi-static simulation and the simulation converges and terminates normally. However, I was wondering how one can make sure that the equilibrium is reached? To be more specific, I had two rigid bodies in contact with some deformable materials. I export rigid body information to a log file as it is explained in the User's Manual. The problem is when I simplify the simulation into two different simulations where only a single rigid body exists in each simulation, the resulting rigid body information does not match the one exported from the original simulation which includes two rigid bodies. Note that, these rigid bodies and their contacted deformable bodies are independent of each other and the movement of one of them should not be affected by the other one. Therefore, separating the original simulation into two independent simulations should not affect the exported rigid body information.

    Would you please let me know why I face such a different result? and if there is any particular approach to verify the equilibrium in the simulations?


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    Hi Lyra,

    If the two simulations are indeed independent, then the results should be the same, regardless whether you combine the two simulations in one run, or keep them separate. It might be helpful if you could attach the files, or send them to me (steve dot maas at utah dot edu). If I can reproduce this issue on my end, perhaps I can offer a better explanation.


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