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Thread: The Question about the Output of Rigid Joints

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    Default The Question about the Output of Rigid Joints


    I'm working with a knee model. The femur and tibia in my model are connected by three rigid cylindrical joints. I checked the user's manual which shows that users can output the reaction forces/moments of rigid connectors. I'm wondering if it's possible to output the rotations/ translations (in 3 directions) of cylindrical joints in FEBio. I really need these data to help me know more about my simulations.

    Any helps, I would appreciate it a lot!


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    Hi Yidan,

    Currently there is no output variable for the relative motion (rotation and translation) of two rigid bodies connected by a rigid connector (such as the cylindrical joint). In theory you can calculate those values yourself from the output of each body's rigid motion (translation and rotation) and from the knowledge of the initial position and orientation of the joint axes. However, that would be a tedious process and we will work on implementing a method for doing those calculations internally.



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