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Thread: Any examples of a plotdata plugin?

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    Default Any examples of a plotdata plugin?

    Specifically I am wondering about the following
    - Can the code for plotdata functions be 'bundled in' with e.g. a material plugin or does it need to be its own DLL?
    - Once the plugin is successfully used with FEBio, where is the plot field accessed in Postview? I assume there will be the option to add the new field under the "add" dropdown in the "data" tab but please correct me if this isn't the case.

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    Regarding your plugin questions:
    - Yes, you can have as many plugin classes bundled in a single plugin dll.
    - You don't need to do anything on the PostView side. You define your new fields in the Output section of the FEBio input file, where you usually define the plotfile variables.

    You can find example of plotdata plugins in many of the plugin examples, for instance, the FEWarp, PreStrain, FEBioChem plugins. Let us know if you have any further questions about this.


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