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    I am trying to use FEBio suite for the first time, and I am facing a lot of troubles to import, save and export geometry and FE models, both in standard and studio versions in Windows.

    I try to import models in .step, .msh, .mesh and .iges in Preview, but I am just able to load a geometry model in the studio version (and just .iges models). In FEBioStudio I can do the preprocessing steps to solve a FEA, but I am unable to save or export the model to do the next steps ('Couldn't save project to FEBio file'; 'Couldn't save project to PreView Object file'). In the case of Preview I am not able to load any geometry, even the same that I import on studio version. I also unable to save or export a model entirely created in Preview.

    I am just following the tutorials, so I really don't know what is happening. I already test previous versions but the same problems persist.

    I would appreciate if someone could help me with those troubles.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Cristian,

    There are different way to create/import/export .feb and geometries in FEBio:

    If you do not have a geometry, from the geometric and mesh panels in preview. You can use common geometric shapes then mesh them, and then delete or weld elements to create the geometry you need. For this case I recommend you section 2.5 Tutorial 5: Biphasic unconfined compression and section 5 of PreView User manual.

    If you have a geometry from a third party softwares, the best way is to import a mesh not a geometry file. In my experience the formats with less issues to import are .inp, .msh and .mesh (in that order). At the moment Preview can import from Gmsh-3.0.6 or below. vtk and stl files have to be a three dimensional geometry and sometimes could not be imported in PreView.

    The final option it is to create a script (e.g. Python, R, MatLab etc) to produce your .feb file of your geometry.

    After import a geometry in PreView, you can save a .feb file in file/export menu.

    I hope this help you, post again if you need more advice

    Juan G. Diosa

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