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Thread: Strain at boundaries of biphasic-solute model

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    Default Strain at boundaries of biphasic-solute model


    I've created a biphasic-solute model of free swelling of the cartilage and have a few questions about the strain data. My cartilage model is a simple cube divided into 3 layers with 2 different values of Young's Modulus (1st layer Young's Modulus = 10Mpa, 2nd layer Young's Modulus = 20Mpa, 3rd layer Young's Modulus = 20Mpa; the boundaries between the layers are refined). All sides are constrained apart from the top layer where I apply my concentration and strain over 1hr (the model can only expand in the z-direction).
    The model is working fine, I can see the swelling and the increase in concentration. However, when I plot the strain data, the strain is discontinuous at the boundaries (I used Z Lagrange strain). On the other hand, the displacement plots look fine, and I don't know whether I'm just using the wrong strain data for this? I've attached the relevant figures

    Any insight into this would be much appreciated,

    Many thanks.
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