Hi all,

I am currently using FEWarp on a set of 3D imagestacks. In addition to the original images I have imagestacks of the images with an object of interest segmented/isolated from the rest of the image. If I run FEWarp on the segmented object imagestack would this data be correct? Or do I need to be running FEWarp on the whole unaltered imagestacks to get correct data?

Also, when running the FEWarp algorithm with the x,y, and z dimensions set to the actual size my z elements are much thicker than the x and y dimensions. When I then run FEWarp the program often crashes or gets errors causing the program to stop. How can I troubleshoot this? How can I set up my mesh so that this crashing does not occur?

Thank you so much,

Skyler Hochmuth
Colorado State University