I'm posting this just in case someone is having issues with compiling the NeoHookeanPI plugin.

Here are the steps that I needed to take to be able to compile the x64 Release version of the NeoHookeanPI example plugin from just the source files with VS2017 and FEBio v2.6.4.

  1. Download and Install FEBio SDK, NeoHookeanPI plugin, VS2013 Community and VS2017 Community
  2. In VS2017 do File > New > Project ; Visual C++ > Win32 > Win32 Project > (set name and location) > OK ; Next > DLL > Empty project > Finish
  3. Add source files from NeoHookeanPI\source
  4. Right-click the project > Properties; Change the following:
    • General:
      - Platform Toolset: Visual Studio 2013 (v120)
    • VC++ Directories:
      - Include Directories: C:\Program Files\febio-2.6.4\sdk\include;...
      - Library Directories: C:\Program Files\febio-2.6.4\sdk\lib\VS2013;...
    • C/C++ > Preprecessor:
      - Preprecessor Definitions: WIN32;...
    • Linker > Input:
      - Additional Dependencies: fecore.lib;febiomech.lib;...

To test for successful compilation:
  • Open "C:\Program Files\febio-2.6.4\bin\febio.xml"
  • Below the linear_solver line add:
    <import>Path\To\New\Plugin\x64\Release\PluginName. dll</import>
  • In NeoHookeanPI\Example run FEBio on co01.feb