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Thread: Converge problems

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    Unhappy Converge problems


    I have a model of a buttocks covered with thin layers of a dressing pushed down to a mattress. I defined a sliding contact between the buttocks with the dressing and the mattress but can't get the simulation to converge without a penetration. I tried many things but nothing helped.My file is too big to add.. If I can send it in other way it will be great.

    I will appreciate your help!
    Thanks Dafna

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    Hi Dafna,

    For the record I just wanted to respond here that we've communicated about this problem via email. Unfortunately, your model was too big for me to debug. I had made some suggestions on how to reduce the size of your model since in my opinion you don't need such a fine mesh. Hopefully you've made some progress on this by now, but let us know if you still need any assistance.


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