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Thread: negative Jacobian Mesh Inspector

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    Default negative Jacobian Mesh Inspector

    Hello everyone,

    When the Mesh Inspector in PRE-VIEW has a negative Jacobian in my structure is any way to change this result? The mesh of model is not generated in Pre-view enviroment but in TrueGrid's. Is any way to change that in the Pre-View or I have to re-mesh the model in the TrueGrid and then obtain what happen in Mesh Inspector of Pre_View again (and run it in a loop untill be ok?).Thanks for your time.


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    Hi Michail,

    There is not much you can do about a negative Jacobian in PreView, at least not for a hex model, which I assume is what you are looking at. You'll have to go back to TrueGrid and remesh your geometry. That said, PreView evaluates the Jacobians at the nodes, whereas FEBio evaluates it at the integration points so it is possible that a model will run in FEBio even if PreView says it has negative Jacobians. But in general, you want to avoid negative Jacobians over the entire element.


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