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Thread: 2D model plugin limitations

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    Default 2D model plugin limitations


    I have a 2D material model that i want to plugin febio. I encountered with some issues that is mentioned previous threads about 2d models. here is the thread links

    I tried tong-fung model with suggested constraints but i could not get results for more than one elements.

    As far as i understand there is no 2d model representation. I tried different boundary conditions but i kept getting similar errors. when i was running febio, it started to reform stiffness matrix which causes abortion due to zero diagonal terms in tangent matrix. if i select one element, it converges but other than one element diverges. i tried with different step size but still getting same result. My tangent matrix is not symmetric which may cause diverging problems.

    Should i use source code to add my material model then compile?

    Is there any way to plug in 2d model get result or any suggestions ?



    I modified (add nonsymmetric terms and extend matrix to 9by9) tens4ds in FEElasticMaterial parent class to use tens4d with pushback and pull forward function for plug in. Then try to run my plug with febio stress function run well but tangent function couldn't and give segmentation fault.

    I have a 3D model which has nonsymmetric tangent matrix gives same error. i am assuming solver designed for symmetric tangent matrix. Any suggestions to solve nonsymmetric tangent matrix issue ?
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