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Thread: Is it posiible to assign initial stress to a model?

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    Default Is it posiible to assign initial stress to a model?

    Hi every body

    I have a model which I want to put initial stresses on the model which are outputs of another simulation. In fact I ran a model and exported the geometry for another simulation. But I can't put these stresses as initial condition of the next simulation. I want to know if it is possible in FEBio.


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    Hi Faezeh,

    This cannot be done in FEBio, but there is a good reason. In general, for large deformation analyses stresses cannot be added so it wouldn't make sense to define an initial stress.

    However, for elastic materials, you can define an initial strain. You'll need to use the prestrain plugin which is available from our website. But even there, you'll have to take care that you define a physically meaningful strain. If the strain comes from the solution of another FE problem, then that should work. Take a look at this plugin and let me know if you have any questions.


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    Hi Steve

    Thanks for your instruction. I've studied the manual of prestrain plugin but I didn't understand how I can use this for my case. As you know, I am going to implement a growth and angiogenesis model for tumor through two different plugins. As you instructed me previously, I couldn't use these two plugins simultaneously because I have two parts and two materials. So I decided to implement these two processes independently. First I run growth process for my model and export the deformed geometry. Then I would assume my model as a single part and implement angiogenesis to this model (via AngioFE plugin). The produced model consists the deformation of both angiogenesis and growth but it doesn't consist of growth stresses because the input file for angio is stress-free. I am looking for a way to include the resulting growth stresses for the input model of angogenesis ( I can't add thestress directly because its a nonlinear process). I don't know how I can use the prestrain plugin in order to solve this problem. I would be thankful if you help me.



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