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    Lightbulb Lymphatic Drainage in Starling supply - Biphasic

    Dear Dr Gerard,
    I would like to be able in my modeling to modify both vascular supply and lymphatic drainage. I am trying to modify the starling implementation to do so. I am adding a similar term in the function to consider lymphatic drainage:

    double phiwhat = (m_kp*(m_pv - ppt.m_p)) (modified to --->) double phiwhat = (m_kp*(m_pv - ppt.m_p)) - (m_kl*(m_pl - ppt.m_p));

    Normally for same values for kp,kl and pv,pl I expect to have zero supply however the simulation shows that the two terms are added and i cant understand why this happening.
    Could you help me understand what i am missing?

    Best regards,

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    Hi Konstantinos,

    Based on your formula, you should get the result that you expected. The fact that this is not happening would suggest that there may be a mistake in your code elsewhere. You should debug your code at this line and check to confirm that you have m_kp=m_kl and m_pv=m_pl. If not, this means that the new parameters you introduced have not been initialized properly.

    Alternatively, you can use the existing formulation but effectively simulate vascular supply and lymphatic drainage by defining equivalent parameters:
    kp*(pv - p) - kl*(pl - p) = ke*(pe - p)
    ke = kp - kl
    pe = (kp*pv  - kl*pl)/(kp - kl)
    This would break down only when kp=kl and pv≠pl, which is not physically meaningful (since phiwhat would be a constant in that case).



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