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Thread: Incompressibility in the Mooney-Rivlin material

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    Default Incompressibility in the Mooney-Rivlin material


    I have a question about the Mooney Rivlin C2 parameter - specifically its effect on incompressibility.

    In the documentation for the Mooney Rivlin material it says,

    This material model is useful for modeling certain types of isotropic materials that exhibit some limited compressibility, i.e. 100 < (K/C1) < 10000.

    which implies only C1 is relevant with respect to whether the material is compressible or incompressible. Is that right? Is C2 irrelevant? BTW I currently set K/C1=10000 to enforce near incompressibility.

    Alternatively, would the augmented lagrangian approach be a better way of enforcing incompressibility?

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    C2 is not irrelevant, but the ratio of K/C1 is a good guide. You can check enforcement of the incompressibility constraint by examining the volume ratio in PostView. Yes, augmented Lagrangian is a great way to enforce the incompressibility constraint if it is important that you have an exact enforcement.
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