Vector plot feature requests
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Vector plot feature requests
1) Vector origins, 2) nodal/element vectors, 3) colorbar adjustment, 4) transparency mapping

I have several requests with respect to vector plots. Attached are two screen shots.

1) Can you let users pick whether the vector origins for the final or initial locations? Currently they seem to start at the final locations leading to displacement vectors protruding out of the deformed shape (see screenshot 1).
2) Can you let users pick whether to plot say nodal or element (averaged) displacements (with origin at element centre)?
3) For vectors coloured towards length (with length for instance indicating displacement magnitude) can you let users alter the colour limits similar to element contour colour mapping?
4) Could you add a feature to modulate the transparency of the vectors say dependant on the visualized magnitude. For instance a user could force small magnitudes to be fully transparent or hidden (such that only red/green arrows are visible in screenshot 2) or have magnitude dependant transparency so it is easy to see large vectors within a 'forest' of small magnitude vectors.

In general I think result dependant transparency would be interesting. Also for element visualisations. You could add a transparency-bar similar to a colour-bar and let the user alter limits. This allows the user to highlight say critical elements.

Issue 3 with colour limit based 'clipping' (say results out of bounds are hidden) would offer similar functionality (potentially easier to implement) to the transparency options I refer too.


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