Nodal/Element Loads
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Nodal/Element Loads
option to display loads (as opposed to stresses)

I was reading in the forum and saw that you were creating a new output structure for PostView that should allow a lot of improvements to the current plot file. I was wondering if that has been implemented or is still being finalized?

One of the things that would be helpful for would be the ability to calculate loads (in addition to stresses) on the nodes/elements where displacement boundary conditions are applied. I have been told that one way to accomplish this is by outputting the Residual vector (equation 3.22 in the FEBio technical manual, pg 19) and multiplying it by (I think it was) the displacement vector for each time step. Would this be a capability of the new output format?

Another possibility would be to do an integration of the stresses over the area of the elements faces to arrive at forces, however, I've been told that the method using the residual vector would be more accurate.

Thanks for all the great work! All 3 programs get better all the time

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06-07-2011 11:05 AM
Lead Code Developer
Hi Nathan,

The latest version of FEBio (1.3.x) and PreView (1.5.x) are already using the new format. The greatest advantage of this format is that it can be extended and customized by the user. I can definitely look into exporting the nodal reaction forces to the plot file.

The integration over an area I see more as a post-processing operation so this would be more for PostView. Can you make a feature request in the PostView forum for this (if you haven't already)?



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