Adding items to the Session feature
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Adding items to the Session feature
Preserving visualizations in Sessions

Hello devs,

As I mentioned at the workshop yesterday at WCB, it would be a huge time saving feature to be able to load multiple .xplts in a single postview session and switch between them using the same plane cuts, vector plots, colors, lighting settings, placement of the legend glyphs, camera view, etc.

I understand that a history-based approach may be in the works and that it requires an overhaul of the code. That would be amazing.

In the mean time, could these features be added to the "Save Session" tool?

* Plane cut
* Vector plot
* Iso surfaces
* Slices
* Placement of color legends, titles, text, coordinate axes, etc.
* Element/node/facet sets

These options would really streamline analysis of data from parameter studies.

Thanks for all the hard work on FEBio and Pre/PostView,
Michael Fernandez
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