No log files created in FEBio 2.3.1?
issueid=721 06-29-2015 07:50 AM
No log files created in FEBio 2.3.1?
No log files created in FEBio 2.3.1?

If I run the attached model for older FEBio versions two log files are created since the .feb file contains:

<plotfile type="febio">
<var type="displacement"/>
<var type="stress"/>
<var type="relative volume"/>
<element_data data="E1;E2;E3" delim=", " file="D:\MATLAB\GIBBON\trunk\data\temp\iFEA_tempModel_strain_out.txt"/>
<element_data data="sz" delim=", " file="D:\MATLAB\GIBBON\trunk\data\temp\iFEA_tempModel_stress_out.txt"/>

For FEBio 2.3.1. it seems they are not created.

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06-29-2015 08:04 AM
The newly attached zip file contains another (much larger) model. The model runs for old FEBio codes but FEBio 2.3.1. crashes without a useful error message (windows say FEBio has stopped working).

It may be related to the above issue since (if I run this in the command prompt) I get the following message just prior to FEBio crashing:
FAILED CREATING DATA FILE: D:\Experimental_Data\MRI\AMC\2013\2013_06_14\T1\00801_T1_COR\IMDAT\D:\Experimental_Data\MRI\AMC\2013 \2013_06_14\T1\00801_T1_COR\IMDAT\modelType_2_node_out.txt

Which is interesting because this is the first logfile I request and this should be:

So perhaps in your code you attempt to retrieve the file name and combine it with the path name for saving. It seems that the file name is the entire path by accident such that the path appears twice.


06-29-2015 08:10 AM
I've looked at this a bit better now. It seems that the first path is for the location of the .feb file. The codes run fine if I have no path in front of the log file name, so just a plain name. In this case the files are found in the same folder as the .feb file. So it appears what is wrong is that the .feb file path is added to the logfile name.


07-13-2015 09:49 AM
Lead Code Developer
Hi Kevin,

I've looked at this, and indeed if the .feb file has a path defined (which can be if you run it from Windows Explorer) that path gets prepend to the data file names. If you defined a path for the data files as well then this could indeed result in an invalid path. I'll see if I can fix this, but I want to discourage users from using file paths inside the .feb file as this makes the model more difficult to share.

The crash was actually caused by a buffer overrun. Concatenating the file names resulted in a file name that was too big. I'll fix this as well.

Thanks for finding these issues!



07-14-2015 06:32 AM
Thanks. This is different from previous version which I why I noticed it suddenly.

Let me know what you decide on, i.e. that the log file should only have a file name and not a path+file name, or that you implement a check on the log file path en name.


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