Nodeset in Initial
issueid=710 04-14-2015 02:45 PM
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Nodeset in Initial


It would be convenient to be able to add a nodeset in the Initial section, like in the Boundary section. For instance:
<concentration sol="1" set="NODESET" scale="UNIT"/>
Thanks for considering,

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07-13-2015 10:46 AM
Lead Code Developer
Hi Antoine,

This is a good idea, and I recently started thinking about this. There are in fact several features that could benefit from a similar organization (aside from all the initial conditions, another example is rigid node sets). (What's the scale attribute you are suggesting?)

I've started a review of the existing format, chasing down all the features that would benefit from such as organization, and propose a new file format version (probably version 2.1) in one of the next releases.



07-13-2015 03:23 PM
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Hi Steve,

Thanks for considering it, it could sometimes reduce the size of the feb files a lot. The "scale" attribute would just be the desired value, I don't know what should be the best name. Another example is <fix bc="xy" set="NODESET">.



05-03-2018 04:17 PM
Lead Code Developer
This is possible in FEBio format 2.0 and up.


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