High Stress/Strain Material Behaviors
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High Stress/Strain Material Behaviors
Large range of stresses within model yield inaccurate material behavior.

I'm running a constitutive model in which a rigid body is attached to the positive x side of a Transversely Isotropic Veronda-Westmann material and pulls this material in the same positive x direction. When I open the file in PostView I notice something strange. From 0 to 50 percent strain the material behaves as one would expect, past the 50 percent mark however, it seems its Poisson's ratio switches somehow because it blows up like a balloon. I have also experienced the same issue when using the transversly isotropic Mooney-Rivlin material. According to Steve this is due to the large range of stresses that I am implementing within the model, and that at especially large stresses the penalty factor (bulk modulus k) is not strong enough to enforce J=1 (the enforcement of constraint.) He also said that a way around this is to use the augmented Lagrangian method, but that currently this method is not working.
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07-13-2015 10:17 AM
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Sorry for the delayed response, but for the record this issue was recently fixed in FEBio 2.3.1.


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