Problem with mapped fibre orientation in "Fiber with Toe-Linear Response"

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  • bartbols
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    • Sep 2018
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    Problem with mapped fibre orientation in "Fiber with Toe-Linear Response"


    I’m trying to specify a mapped fibre orientation for the material “Fiber with Toe-Linear Response, Uncoupled Formulation” (fiber-pow-linear-uncoupled). The material is part of a solid mixture as follows:

    <material id="1" name="object1" type="uncoupled solid mixture">
    <solid type="Ogden">
    <solid type="fiber-pow-linear-uncoupled">
    <fiber type="map">FO_map</fiber>


    And I have defined the fibre orientation map as follows:

    <ElementData data_type="vec3" elem_set="object_solid" name="FO_map">
    <e lid="1">1, 0, 0</e>
    <e lid="2">1, 0, 0</e>
    <e lid="3">1, 0, 0</e>

    This mapping works well when I use different materials (e.g. the muscle material) but FEBio does not run when using the Fiber with Toe-Linear response material. I don't have issues running the model when using a fixed fiber orientation (specified as <fiber type="vector">1,0,0</fiber>) but I can't get the mapping to work. Unfortunately FEBio does not give an error message, it simply crashes. Am I doing something wrong or have I stumbled upon a bug?

    I've attached an example file in case it's helpful.

    Thanks, Bart
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  • maas
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    Hi Bart,

    It looks like this is a duplicate post. I responded to your other post.


    Department of Bioengineering, University of Utah
    Scientific Computing and Imaging institute, University of Utah