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  1. Biphasic Confined Compression Creep
  2. Biphasic Unconfined Compression Relaxation
  3. Parameter optimization for biphasic confined compression stress-relaxation
  4. Prescribing essential boundary conditions in triphasic materials: Electrophoresis
  5. "Donnan equilibrium" versus "triphasic" steady-state swelling
  6. Well-Stirred Bath with Finite Solute Content
  7. Prescribing a Fluid Pressure on a Free Surface of a Triphasic Material
  8. Osmotic Loading of a Spherical Gel: Reducing Mesh Size with Symmetry Planes
  9. Loadpoints solute concentration and fluid pressure
  10. Diffusion Problem employing a Triphasic material model
  11. Triphasic models
  12. Parameter Optimization for Biphasic Unconfined Compression Stress-Relaxation
  13. Triphasic Boundary Conditions